Guiding Principles

The principle at the center of Levisay’s work is captured in the quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the homepage of this website.  The central idea is that life is not accidental, that we are not just the “flotsam & jetsam” of history.    Indeed we have an infinite ability to create a “tomorrow”, different and better than “yesterday.”  This concept is discussed more fully in the recounting of a powerful conversation he had last year with his former boss and longtime mentor and friend, Bruce Paynter.  Just weeks before his death, Bruce shared a number of powerful thoughts/lessons which are captures in the archive to right under “Lessons from Bruce Paynter.” Click on the essay “Living without Regret” to explore this idea more fully.

Fundamentals for Success (in business and in life)

Since early 2009, Bill has been exploring a wide variety of topics and issues in his blog, Find Your Legacy ( At the suggestion of a client, the thoughts and essays are archived by primary content topic in the list to the right.  Scan through the topic areas and then click on any specific title.  The essay will be able to be read, downloaded or easily printed.  Numerous organizations have used various essays as curriculum content for meetings and training experiences, try using it with your team.   As a place to start, look under “Inspiration” and click on “Legacy”, it’s the story that was the motivation for all of this work!

We believe every day is a new opportunity to leave a legacy. In both our professional and personal lives, our actions leave a legacy – be it intentional or not – with those around us. Inspired by a deeply personal experience with his 97-year old Grandmother, as told through ‘The Turkey Bag” story (See archive), Bill works with you to define the legacy you purposefully want to leave on your business and associates.

Be it in Leadership Development, Sales, Marketing or Planning, the point is to really think about the impact you make and the legacy you want to leave, that’s how you can go from managing your business to leading your business.

It’s what guides our practice and how we work.

“Find Your Legacy”

bookThoughts on Leadership, Team Meetings, Battle Re-enactments, Family Stories, and Unusual Recipes…

A book written by Bill Levisay and currently used across a variety of companies and organizations, “Find Your Legacy” provides in-depth insight into the philosophies and experiences that guide Levisay Consulting.

We’d be happy to share a copy with you. We’d be even happier to talk about what it can mean for you and your business.

Request a copy of “Find Your Legacy”.