“Hope”, a dream and a wish!

It is rare for me to reference a dream in one of my posts, but with 200+ essays
posted on this blog it was bound to happen. As I have referenced, Jennie and I
have two wonderful, bright, generous and beautiful children … Bryson and
Marie. Bryson recently graduated from UCLA ( Go Bruins!!) and Marie is a second
year at UCSB ( Go Gauchos!!) The dream I reference today featured Marie and the
UCSB campus.

In this very vivid dream, I was visiting Marie at school and we
were walking up to an overlook to catch the sunset. For those of you who have
never been on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, it is set on
the bluffs above the pacific and faces due west and has STUNNING sunsets from a
number of spots across the campus. In my dream, we walked to a specific spot to
watch the sunset, along with a large crowd of people, all heading to the same
vista. As we got to the top of the bluff, Marie and I talked about how
incredible it felt to be able to share the moment with a large group of
“strangers,” and not feel uncomfortable or unsafe because in my dream, the
vaccine had been discovered and the world was vaccinated… the fear of covid
was a memory! 

It was an incredible sensation to feel the openness, the freedom,
the optimism and the communal “beauty,” newly freed from the fear and trauma of

As I awoke from the dream, the sunset image clearly in my “minds-eye,”
I was deeply struck by the truth that someday (and hopefully/prayerfully
“someday” soon) we WILL confirm a vaccine, we WILL work to have the world
broadly vaccinated, and we WILL mix and mingle with others without the fear of
today. We WILL have a bright tomorrow, not without its challenges, but without
some of our most pressing CURRENT challenges. 

When I reference “Hope” in my
title, it is the “hope” of that sunset moment in my dream, the “hope” of a
brighter healthier tomorrow, the “hope” of a more peaceful world that we need to
find a way to find in the dark days of today. No one knows when the vaccine will
be discovered and scientifically validated, or when 7+ billion doses will be
manufactured and successfully delivered to all citizens across the globe, but we
do know that those days will come!
 In closing, I “wish” for all of you a chance
to find your own UCSB “sunset moment!” I “wish” for all of you to have a chance
to dream/see the future “post-covid” and imagine just a few of the blessing and
beautiful gifts that future will offer to all of us!