billoutNew models and thinking for leadership necessitate new models and thinking for how you meet with your teams. Go beyond what’s expected and you’ll have a greater opportunity to truly engage the heads, hearts, and hands/ feet of your teams.

We believe the most effective way to meet with your teams is to not just have them be present for it, but to have them in it – change your approach from ‘team meetings’ to ‘team experiences.’

We create team engagements that use the location, theme and activities to get people outside of their routines and, when appropriate, their comfort zones to fully engage them in the topic and what you’re trying to communicate. To go beyond the norm and create an environment where learning happens in new and unexpected ways.

These three case studies below illustrate successful team experiences specific to a predefined need and objective for the meeting.

Expanded versions of these case studies are available in Bill Levisay’s book, “Find Your Legacy.”