The inspiration of Bruce

Before I continue with the third and final conversation that I had with my friend Bruce (I’ll post that next week), I need to recognize, communicate and share his passing yesterday evening. Bruce has, does and will mean a great deal to me and I have learned so many lessons from him, many of which are still finding their ways into my life! What follows is an entry from his “CaringBridge” site that he dictated a few hours before he passed. Join me in being totally blown away by his wisdom, his inspiration and his peace.

As this point, we would be remiss not to thank you for all your love, care, and prayers. We have been deeply strengthened and encouraged by your overwhelming response, not only in the CaringBridge postings but also in all your cards, emails, personal visits, and many acts of kindness. Thank you more than words could ever express.

Regarding my health, the disease has continued to deteriorate the quality of my life, most noticeably in my limited ability to talk and swallow foods. My breathing continues to be a daily struggle.

Many of you have commented on what you perceive to be my braveness and courage and while we have choices, my choice has been the goodness, kindness, and grace of God. So, if you are encouraged by my journey, please know that God has been at the center of it.

My journey on earth is quickly coming to an end. As I look back, these have been some of the richest days of my life. I have so much enjoyed talking about the more meaningful things and the love of God.

Don’t forget to be kind to the suffering and the needy, and don’t forget to work with God in determining those important things in life…and then live it.

I look forward to seeing you in heaven.